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  • Global Pharmacy Exchange / Community of Practice

    لرؤية هذا العمل، توجه إلى موقعك المباشر. الفئات جميع المنشورات منشوراتي Global Pharmacy Community Start a conversation, share an idea, ask for support, tell us about your role... get involved in your community! اكتب منشورًا جديدًا The exchange تابع المشاهدات منشورات ١ Seek advice or share opinions with other GPX-ers. News & Events تابع المشاهدات منشورات ٢ Share papers, articles, news, and events of interest to pharmacy and global health. Jobs تابع المشاهدات منشورات ٢٢ Opportunities for those in (or interested in) Pharmacy and Global Health. منشورات جديدة Kate Enright ٠٣ يناير ٢٠١٨ Diphtheria Response - Bangladesh The exchange Hi Global Pharm-ers Advice please! I'm currently supporting a emergency response to the diphtheria outbreak in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a really challenging country for pharmaceutical importation, plus there are Quality Assurance concerns for national market procurement. I've found that there are several production lines with European regulatory approval (i.e. manufacturers) which is great, but we'll need to procure via a distributor. I was hoping for advice/recommendations about which wholesalers or distributors to approach (or stay away from)! Thanks! Kate ٤ تعليقات ٤ ٠ Forum - Frameless

  • Global Pharmacy Exchange / Consulting

    Consulting Services I have extensive experience in field operations, project management and teaching. Feel free to drop me a line to chat about your needs - however large or small. Emergency Response More Info > 2018 - Rohingya Diphtheria outbreak 2016 - Mediterranean Refugee Crisis 2015 - Nepal Earthquake 2014 - Ebola response 2013 - Typhoon Haiyan 2009/11 - Operation HERRICK 2007 - Operation TELIC Procurement More Info > Tenders: global, regional, or national Quality Assurance Audits Local Market Assessments Gift-in-Kind evaluation Category Management Formulary Development Donor Compliant Policy & Process Creation Supply Chain Management More Info > End-to-end assessments Good Distribution Practice Audits Cold Chain Management Controlled Drug Management Healthcare Waste Management IS Implementation Donor Compliant Policy & Process Creation Health Programming More Info > Needs Assessment Proposal Writing Donor Reporting Talent Acquisition & Onboarding Donor compliant policy & SOP creation After Action Reviews & Lessons Learned Emergency Preparedness Plans Teaching More Info > ​ Leadership in the Pharmacy Workforce Pharmacy in Austere & Challenging Environments (PACE) Health Supply Chain Management Global Pharmacy (part of Masters programme) Bespoke Capacity Building (remote or at location) Mentorship Get in touch

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